Name of Rock or Mineral:

Student Names:
Name of Rock or Mineral:____________________________________
Directions: Choose a mineral by selecting from your instructor. Use the website
to find answers to the questions listed below. Once you have located the
information you will go to the Rock and Minerals wiki, create a page or your rock
or mineral, insert a picture of it and add the question or statements listed below
with corresponding answers. Make sure your answers are in complete
sentences. Use the example page on Amethyst as a guide for your page design.
Website you could use for your research:
Minerals by Name: Amethyst Galleries provides this site, which presents
information on minerals.
1. Name of rock or mineral
2. Where is the rock found?
3. Description of the rocks or mineral:
4. How is this rock or mineral used?
5. List 3 additional things you learned about your rock or mineral.