Minerals, Rocks, & Density Crossword

Minerals, Rocks, & Density Crossword
3. Rock formed when bits of rock, mineral, and soil get pressed and cemented together
5. Softest mineral on Mohs scale with a hardness of 1
9. The density of an object with a mass of 100 grams and a volume of 5 ml
10. a solid mixture of minerals and other materials
13. How minerals reflect light
14. Mass divided by volume
16. A naturally occurring, inorganic solid that has a crystal structure and a definite chemical composition
17. Rock formed when lava and magma cools
1. Heat and pressure deep beneath Earth’s surface can change any rock into this type of rock
2. A mineral will ___ in water if its density is greater than 1 g/ml
4. Shows how rocks change from one type to another
6. Not alive
7. Pattern of the shape a mineral takes if it can grow forever
8. Based on Mohs scale
11. Mineral splits easily along flat surfaces (like mica)
12. Mineral breaks apart in an irregular way
15. Powdered form of a mineral