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Chapter 4—Study Guide
Directions: Answer the following questions using complete sentences.(Except where noted)
1. When did the Nile River normally flood each year?
2. What was meant by Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt? Explain where each was located.
3. The Egyptians gained many benefits from the Nile River. List two.
4. Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids? What did the Egyptians believe had to be
done to make sure the Pharaoh stayed happy after death?
5. Name pharaohs who used pyramids. During what Kingdom did they reign? Do you
remember what pyramids they built? Do you remember where they were built in Egypt?
6. What kinds of rituals did the Egyptians believe the pharaohs had to do each year? What
kinds of responsibilities did the pharaohs have to their people?
7. Explain ALL the reasons why the Hyksos were able to defeat the Egyptians during the
Middle Kingdom.
8. List the Kingdom within which each of the following pharaohs reigned. Then describe
for what reasons these pharaohs are remembered. List as many reasons as you can.
 Sneferu –
 Hatshepsut—
 Menes—
 Cleopatra—
 Tutankhamen—
 Khufu—
 Akhenaton—
9. List the TWO major kinds of contributions the Egyptians gave to civilization. Then list
two examples of each. (section 5 – pages 78-81)
 Contributions in the field of ___________________________
o ___________________________
o ___________________________
 Contributions in the field of ___________________________
o ___________________________
o ___________________________
10.List as many uses as you can for papyrus.
11.About how many years went by from the beginning of the Old Kingdom until the New
Kingdom had finally ended?
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12.Study the maps we created in class to review all the regions and bodies of water. Label
the map of Ancient Egypt and be sure to include all the regions and bodies of water we
listed on our map.
13.We read about four of the many gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt. List them and
describe what the Egyptians believed about each of them.
14.Describe the mummification process. Why did Egyptians use this process? Describe the
differences between how Ancient Egyptians cared for the bodies of the rich and poor.
15.Recall the pharaohs of the Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom. Describe the kinds of
activities the pharaohs are remembered for in each Kingdom.
 Old Kingdom pharaohs…
 New Kingdom pharaohs…
16.Define the vocabulary terms for Chapter 4. Be sure to study the meanings of each.
basinscataractsdelta embalming hieroglyphicsHyksosmummy papyrus pharaoh pyramids shadoof-