• What are three facts about pyramids? (Pg. 76
& 77)
Section 1 Review
1. How did the Nile River affect the lives of the
early Egyptians and Nubians?
Annual flooding provided fertile land to farm
2. How did trade develop in various places
along the Nile?
Nile was natural highway for Egyptian boats to go to
other countries for trading
Section 2 Review
1. How did Egypt’s rulers govern their empire?
Pharaohs had total power over the government, economy, and
military of Egypt
2. Describe some of the accomplishments of the Old
Time of peace and prosperity. Near end, governors challenged
pharaohs and kingdom grew weak
3. Describe some of the accomplishment of the Middle
Restored order, united the country, and completed irrigation
4. Describe some of the accomplishments of the New
Drove foreigners out of the country, created huge armies, and
began building an empire
Section 3- Egyptian Religion
Section 3 Note Answers
The chief god who protected both rich and poor
God of the living and dead; god of the afterlife
Mother figure who protected health; wife of Osiris
Step 1: Select a site on the west bank of the Nile,
land of the dead
Step 2: Clear the ground
Step 3: Set the pyramid square with sides facing
north, south, east, and west
Step 4: Cut the building blocks and load stones onto
barges to ship to the building site
Step 5: Drag the stones up ramps and put them in
Section 3 Review Questions
1. What is the site of Giza?
Site of the Great Pyramid
2. How did the religion of the ancient Egyptians
explain what happened to a person after
The Egyptian religion claimed that the dead would live
on forever in a world of ease and pleasure.
3. How was a pharaoh’s tomb furnished?
Tombs were furnished with belongings and personal
items such as sandals and even horses
• In small groups, you will prepare a television
news brief
• Topics will be Egyptian gods, afterlife,
mummies, tombs, and pyramids
• Your news brief should be informative and
include pictures that you draw and hold up
when you present
• Be prepared to turn in your scripts (everyone
should have one)after you present