Ancient Egypt Notes/Foldable

Ancient Egypt Notes/Foldable
Nile River
 Sand covers most of Egypt
 Yearly floods deposit silt in the river valley
 Egyptians built canals to carry water to dry areas
 Became expert boat builders
 Trade was very profitable
 Mud became pottery & bricks
 Today, the Aswan High Dam provides irrigation to Egypt
 Papyrus-plant/weed that grows around the Nile
o Made into a paper-like material
o Today, papyrus is used to help make boats
The Great Builders
 Egyptians built pyramids, temples, and monuments
 Pyramid: Four triangular sides with a rectangular base
 Built for Kings, or pharaohs
 Place for the afterlife
 Built using large blocks of stone
 Tops of pyramids contained gold
 Workers used hieroglyphics to make a supply list
 Difficult & dangerous work
 Threatened today by pollution & other environmental factors
The Pharaohs
 Anubis-funeral god
 Osiris-god of the underworld
 Re-sun god
 Horus-sky god
 Pharaoh-commander in chief and also a religious leader
 Temples were built to honor gods and pharaohs
 Average Egyptians were not buried in pyramids
 Mummification-process of preparing the dead for the afterlife
 Treated bodies using preservatives
*Underlined words are also KIM terms