Collage Masterpiece Notes

Collage Masterpiece
Collage- From French word coller, "to glue" is a pictorial technique of applying printed or found
materials (e.g., newspaper, fabric, wallpaper) to a flat surface, often in combination with
12 Masterpieces
You will need to know the name of the artist and the name of the piece.
1. Sunflowers
Vincent VanGogh
4. Persistance of Memory
Salvador Dali
2. Starry Night
Vincent VanGogh
5. The Scream
Edvard Munch
3. Three Musicians
Pablo Picasso
6. American Gothic
Grant Wood
7. Sunday Afternoon on the
Island of La Grande Jatte
Georges Seurat
Keith Haring
8. People and Dog with Sun
Joan Miro
11. Mona Lisa
Leonardo DaVinci
9. Campbells Soup
Andy Warhol
12. I and the Village
Marc Chagall
Project Directions:
 Re-create one of the above pieces in the collage technique.
Things to Remember:
 Take your time, this is a tedious project that will take about 2 weeks!
 No piece of paper is to be larger than a dime!
 Use the glue sticks and be sure the pieces are securely glued down.
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