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To the Administrator:
How to customize this user guide template
This template is provided as a starting point which you should customize for your users. The template should not be
distributed as-is. Please review the document and:
Add your company's logo to the header
Remove information that is not relevant to your users
Add deployment-specific information like URLs
We've highlighted areas for review with an orange exclamation point, along with notes and suggestions.
Please delete this page before distributing to users.
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Connect to your virtual desktop
Review the steps below to verify the correct information is provided to your end-users.
Follow these steps to connect to your virtual desktop.
Open the Citrix Receiver app and select Setup my existing account.
The Add Account screen opens.
Configure the settings for the Citrix Receiver account using the following settings:
A description for the account
• as the address
Your username
Your password
Access Gateway turned on
Standard/Advanced/Enterprise as the Access Gateway version
No Authentication/Domain Only/RSA SecurID Only/Domain RSA SecurID/SMS
Authentication as the authentication method
Click Save.
The Accounts screen is displayed with the newly added account.
Touch the account that you created.
Log in using your password/RSA SecurID.
Touch Citrix Desktop to launch your virtual desktop.
Your virtual desktop will open after a moment.