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Mr. Tziortzis has experience in local area and wide area network design, implementation and
troubleshooting and architecture design / implementation of a network infrastructure for electronic
commerce / banking applications. His technical proficiency also includes Information Technology security
assessments, penetration studies and reviews of local and wide area networks with a focus on TCP/IP
environments. He is familiar with the Unix and Windows NT operating systems, Checkpoint Firewall – 1,
Siteminder Web Portal Software, ISS Real Secure Intrusion Detection Systems and Scanners, SecurID Ace
Server, Netscape Enterprise Directory Server and a variety of security analysis tools.
Relevant Experience
Participated in a “e-Transformation” project for a Swiss Private Bank involving the architecture
design and implementation of a secure environment to support a banking web application and
facilitate a future Internet Entry Environment for the bank. The design process included
architecting a secure network infrastructure (multiple DMZs), designing an authentication and
authorization mechanism using SecurID, LDAP, PKI and Siteminder (Web Portal software),
documenting secure development and communication processes and providing advise for a long
term strategic approach for the bank’s IT security activities. Addressed issues regarding
application functionality / security requirements, database and metadata security, host / server
security, internal network security, network perimeter security and areas of risk.
Participated in Electronic Commerce Security Workshops involving the development of Reference
Architecture for an e-Commerce strategy for a Bank Institution. Focussed on discussions regarding
authentication and authorization mechanisms and perimeter security.
Performed Penetration Studies of financial institutions’ perimeter security and internal network.
Performed Internet security risks and controls analysis in order to refine the institutions’
understanding of their information security vulnerabilities. Simulated intrusion attempts in various
scenarios, from casual hacking by outsiders with no knowledge of internal’s systems, to someone
with physical access to the institution’s premises.
Designed and implemented local area network infrastructure comprising a wide area network.
This involved the design, installation, expansion and troubleshooting of local area networks
operating on Ethernet (Thinwire, Thickwire and 10/100 Base T) and Token Ring and the
incorporation of these local area networks to a wide area network via fiber optic interface.
Identification and Remediation of hacker-compromised UNIX and Windows NT workstations
(including sensitive data servers). Wide Area Network evaluation and Firewall and Security
enhancement implementations. Development of a security strategy and IP renumbering scheme.
Participated in a campus IP-Renumbering / Architecture project, involving the deployment of an
ATM backbone.
Worked as a telecommunications analyst (level B) responsible for design, implementation and
support of data equipment and cabling infrastructure.
Participated in the development of Security Requirements and Standards document for the
implementation of a reduced sign-on system hosted on Windows NT Site Servers deploying Site
Server Authentication and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Focussed on the
development of two security appendices for Windows NT security authentication methods and
membership directories.
Performed a variety of IT controls and security reviews. Their scope included LAN/WAN;
Applications; General Controls; knowledge management infrastructures and Process Analysis.
Mr. Tziortzis received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering,
with a concentration in Data Communications, from the Louisiana State University, in Baton Rouge. He
also worked as a Telecommunications Analyst - B at the Louisiana State Office of Telecommunications.