Student Instructions for Matchmaker session in Career Cruising

Career Cruising Instructions
The first class of Career Cruising is used to generate a list of possible job
prospects for Career Exploration. This is not a final decision on a career;
this is merely to explore possible choices for a career and learning how
to research a job/career by using
1. Go to the website.
Username: Pinetree
Password: careers
2. Once logged in, at the top of the page, there will be a number of
different areas. Click on Portfolio. It will then ask for a user name and
password. You need to click on the button which says “Create a New
Portfolio”. Enter appropriate information including first name, last
name, grade, and gender, as well as you email address (in case you
forget your password). Choose your 130-student account name and
password for this career cruising project. Then click on Create
3. Once completed, it will take you to your newly created portfolio
homepage. Click on the top button labeled “Assessments”. Click on
career matchmaker. Read the selection below the button that says
“New Matchmaker Session” as to what you can do after you have
answered the 39 questions. Then click on the button. Answer the 39
questions honestly. If you need more information, more info will be in
the “?More Info” box (top right hand corner). When answering the
questions, don’t assume you know what they mean, instead, check this
box before guessing. At the end, it will generate a list of 40 suggested
4. Save results to Portfolio (Grey box). Then click on “Answer More
Questions” and answer all the questions until a “You have already
answered all of the questions” message appears. Now, a different list
of 40 will appear. Again, save the results.
5. To fine tune jobs and related skills, click on “My Skills” (blue box)
and answer questions. Be sure to save the results to the portfolio (grey
box). This ranks the skills needed for each job and how you match up
your interest level with the skills you currently have.
6. Click on each job in your list of 40 to read the information about each
7. The 2 Focus Areas listed (bottom right side of screen) show what
Focus area shows up the most in the list of 40 careers. You can
research other occupations in this Focus area if none of the 40 careers
interest you.
8. Students can learn more about a career by clicking on it. To return to
the list of suggestions, use the back button. Students choose one
career to complete the assignment: Career Cruising Search