Career Cruising Biology

Lesson 1: Creating a Lab Report Using Career Cruising
9th grade 2015-16
You will be using Career Cruising today to write a lab report about your career of choice.
Follow the directions below.
Biology Teacher:
Standards and Competencies:
Develop a plan to obtain high school diploma, taking into account the value and life/social significance of all
courses and the opportunities for future career success. (A) (ASCA:A:B2.1, A:B2.2, A:B2.3, A:B2.4, A:B2.5, A:B2.6,
A:B2.7, C:B1.1, C:B1.2, C:B1.3, C:B2.1, C:B2.2, C:B2.4)
Use information from the GCPS Choice Book, the Career Center, as well as information gained from other
resources within the community to explore future career choices. (C) (ASCA:A:B1.4, A:B2.7, A:C1.5, C:A1:1,
C:A1:2, C:A1:3, C:A1:8, C:A1:9, C:A2.3, C:B1.1, C:B1.2, C:B1.3, C:B1.4, C:B1.5, C:B1.6, C:B1.7, C:B2.1, C:B2.2,
C:B2.4, C:B2.5, C:C1.3, C:C1.4, C:C1.6, C:C2.3, PS:B1.11)
Design and conduct scientific investigations. (SCBI.A.1: SCBI.A.1.a, SCBI.A.1.b, SCBI.A.1.b1, SCBI.A.1.c)
 I Can name 3 Careers that interest me and motivate me.
______________________, ____________________, ___________________
 I Can name 1 subject that I want to study in college. ______________________
 I Can name 3 schools that I want to attend after high school.
______________________, __________________, ___________________
1. Go to
2. Login in your Profile using the following:
gc-student number
1. Background:
What do you want to do?
 On the top left corner, click on “My Plan”. View your “Career Matchmaker Results” from 8th grade.
If you have not completed Career Matchmaker, go to “Careers” at the top of the page. Search for a
career that you are interested in or click on “School Subjects”, “Science”.
Everyone needs to select 3 Careers and “Save to My Plan” by selecting
right of the page.
Where do you want to go to school?
 On the left hand side, click on “Education”
on the top
Scroll down to “Related College Programs”
Click on a “Related College Program” that interests you
Name 3 schools that interests you: ______________________________, __________________________,
Save these Schools to Your Plan
2. Hypothesis:
If I maintain this GPA (GPA for the school above), then I can go to this school (1 of the 3 schools listed above).
 Click on your favorite school. On the left-hand side, click on “Enrollment”
What is the average GPA? ___________ Mean Score SAT & ACT?____________________
Points Value
3. Procedure:
o How will I maintain my GPA, what classes should I take (honors/AP/electives)?
 Go back to your career, click on “Education” on the left
 Scroll down to 4 Year-Plan, what classes do you need?
Click on “My Plan” on the top left
On the left, click on “My Education Plan.” Add the courses you need over the next 4 years
o What colleges will I apply to?
 Go back to your career, click on “Education” on the left
 Scroll down to “Related College Programs”
 Click on a “Related College Program.” Name a college that offers Associates, Bachelors, and
Graduate degrees for your program. Each degree can be a different college.
Associate Degree: _________________________________
Bachelor’s Degree: ________________________________
 Graduate Program: ________________________________
 Non-Program: ____________________________________
o When will I apply?
 Click on a School
 On the main page, under Admissions, what is the Application Deadline?
o Who will write my recommendations?
 Schools require recommendations from teachers and counselors (use Brag Sheet located on the
counseling page/e-Class).
 Who will you ask for a recommendation? ________________________________
 Why will they write a recommendation for you? __________________________
 Did you know teachers talk? Did you know that your behavior in one class could affect the
recommendation you receive from a different teacher?
4. Data: using the steps above, explore Career Cruising and answer the following questions.
o How many semester hours do I need to complete my Bachelor’s?
 __________________________________________
o What courses are required for graduation?
 __________________________________________
o Are community service hours required for my program of study or a senior project?
 __________________________________________
o Do I need a master’s degree for my job?
 __________________________________________
5. Results: using Career Cruising and the internet, answer the following questions.
o How much will I make?
 _________________________________________
o What kind of car/house will I be able to afford?
 _________________________________________
o Where will I live?
 _________________________________________