Placement in Visual & Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts
These students possess either potential or demonstrated ability to perform at an
exceptionally high level in visual or performing arts and demonstrate the potential for
outstanding aesthetic production, accomplishment, or creativity in areas such as art,
dance music, or drama.
(704 KAR 3:285)
Visual and Performing Arts students are evaluated by professional artists using evaluation forms
and guidelines outlined in this handbook.
If a student receives a sufficient score on their audition/ portfolio jurying then then student
must have at least two of the following pieces of evidence to be considered for placement in
Visual/ Performing Arts.
Letters of recommendation
Products (paper, audio, video, pictures)
Portfolio assessment by specialists or professional artist
Checklist inventories of behaviors specific to each category
Awards or critiques of performance
Portfolio of visual or performing arts ability
Referrals /Recommendations – Parent/Teacher