NRES 310 – Wildlife Ecology and Management

NRES 310 – Wildlife Ecology and Management
Mark-Recapture Lab Experiment
Due in lab 25 October 2005 – in an excel file
The Study:
We are going to conduct a mark-recapture study on University of Nevada Reno
(UNR) campus. We will begin by collecting data on vehicles parked in 2 parking
lots on the UNR campus. Because we need our individuals to be uniquely
marked we will collect the license numbers of cars parked in those two parking
lots. Your job is to perform 4 capture events and record both new and
recaptured individuals.
Data collection procedure:
You will use the attached data sheet (more copies are available on the web) to
record licenses numbers and presence (1) or absence (0) of that vehicle on
consecutive visits. List all vehicles licenses that you observe on visit 1 (excluding
university non-exempt vehicles) and record the date and a 1 for presence in the
column for visit 1. If you observe a license number on visit 2 that was not present
on visit 1. Record the license # on your data sheet with a 0 for visit 1, and a 1 for
visit 2. Do the same thing for visits 3 and 4. On October 25, bring your data
sheets to lab with an excel file with the data in it, enter the data exactly as you list
it in columns on your data sheet.
Visit parking lots on 4, non-consecutive days and use only working days (M-F) for
data collection.
Study Areas: Parking lot in front of Valley Rd Buildings, and the lot Behind
Fleichman Agriculture and Life Sciences Building. See attached map.
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