LIAISON COMMITTEE, 16 November, 2015 Topics Discussed (A

LIAISON COMMITTEE, 16 November, 2015
Topics Discussed
(A note of the meeting has been written and will be posted on the website once the participants
have all agreed it)
The need for more effective communications between DRA and JRHT, DWH
Mechanical ventilation systems – Phase 1
Ventilation Systems – Phases 2 & 3
Date for finalisation of the agreement between JRHT and Veolia
Heating Charges
Street Lighting
Construction Traffic
Street Signs
Parking (including contractor parking on phase 3
Phase 3 Access to Cycle Path.
Sustainable Transport
Maintenance Accounts
Maintenance Standards
Site Security
Phase 3 Local Area of Play
SSC Acoustics
Appointment of Derwenthorpe Manager and Derwenthorpe Caretaker
Water pooling and potential winter icing problems
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