Parking of Personal Vehicles - Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire

Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
Standard Operating Guidelines
SOG # 4-18
Subject: Parking of Personal Vehicles
Approved: Fire Chief John B. Raley, Jr.
Personal vehicles of members shall be parked in the designated parking spaces provided.
Members responding to calls may leave personal vehicles in any area not blocking apparatus
response, however must remain off the grass areas. These vehicles shall be moved as soon as
possible upon returning from the alarm.
No private vehicles (including motorcycles) are to be in the station unless they are actually being
worked on with the permission of the officer in charge.
The department will not assume liability for damage to any private vehicle brought into the
Members cannot store broken vehicles or abandoned vehicles on department property. If this
occurs, such vehicles are subject to towing at the owners expense.
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