Costume policy

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JVH Halloween Costume Policy:
Halloween is a wonderful celebration for kids and families. At JVH we want to celebrate the fun, the
excitement and the creativity of Halloween.
This year we will be doing Halloween activities both in the Elementary as well as in the Secondary.
Secondary students may come dressed to school while elementary students will get dressed for the
parade at 12:00. The parade will start at 1:00 and finish at the main gym for a whole school costume
As a public K to 12 school we have clear expectations about what costumes may be worn at school.
All costumes must:
Be respectful of race, colour, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation and mental or physical
disabilities (as per our school code of conduct)
Cover the body appropriately as per the dress code
Not include guns, knives or other weapons. Even play weapons are discouraged
Not advertise or promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, racism or intimidation.
In addition, all behaviour while in costume must fall within the
school’s code of conduct which is based on respect.
If you are not sure if your costume meets the above
criteria, please see Mr. Miles or Mr. Einer ahead of time
for approval.
We look forward to another fun Halloween at JVH this year.
Dan Miles