John and Abigail Adams Ben Franklin Thomas Jefferson Sam

John and Abigail Adams
Ben Franklin
Thomas Jefferson
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Sam Adams
George Washington
HBO miniseries: John Adams
Events that have already taken place:
Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party
First Continental Congress – Declaration of Resolves sent to King George III
Movie Starting – End of the First Continental Congress
1) What is it about his fellow countrymen in Massachusetts that stirs John Adams passion to
go back to the Congress and ask for an army to support them?
Battle of Lexington and Concord – “army of plain country boys with no experience
of professional solder…fighting fiercely and proudly to defend Massachusetts;
We must support them in what they do”
Second Continental Congress called
2) John Dickinson (delegate from PA) argues that the colonies should reconcile with
King George III. What arguments does he use?
1 colony must not drag sister colonies into war
 Parliament will be eager to end hostility (reconciliation)
We must offer them an Olive Branch (peace petition) showing we are willing
to negotiate
The Laws of Nature (Natural Rights) I have found in the English government
We must not alienate from the mother country
Agrees with Adams that rights have been violated but must provide a plan to
Parliament and King
If Mass. con’ts then they will have blood on their hands and may cause the other
colonies to split off from them
3) What colony proposes the first “independence” statement?
4) What arguments do the delegates make for:
Blood has already been shed (Mass. battles)
Time has passed for reconciliation
Rights have been violated by tyrant king
Soldiers – robbing home, property, and possessions
Attack on 1 colony is an attack on all the colonies
Boston has been freed by Continental Congress under Washington
“King refuses our petitions”
Declaring something that already exists (already been self-governing)
France will help
with the King
King’s subjects
Traitors will be hanged
Might must be met with reason NOT arms
Restore our rights
Have to get approval from their colonial legislatures before vote (only voice
people can declare independence)
What navy?
Why pull down th4e old house when we don’t have a new one
Gen. Howe (British) awaiting reinforcements
Indians and Slaves will rise up and be let lose on frontier (attacking)
Full fury of British might will come down on colonies
At what cost to include foreign aid (like France – new ruler over us)
5) Who are the three main characters writing the Declaration of Independence?
What role did they play?
JOHN Adams – Proposed the draft; headed the committee; edited it
Ben Franklin – edited it
Thomas Jefferson – wrote the declaration draft
6) What conflicts arise with the original draft of the Declaration of Independence and the one
presented to the Continental Congress?
Issue of Slavery - should be outlawed but no immediate solution – South states will oppose this
These truths are “sacred and undeniable” – religion in government (pulpit-preacher)  self-evident
Wording choice – Not only TJ’s voice or hand in this document; want all colonies to agree
7) What happens after the vote is taken for declaring Independence?
Read to the people