The Coming of Independence


The Coming of Independence

The Big Idea

As British policies led them toward independence, the colonies developed new forms of government.

First Continental Congress

• • • • Came about due to the Intolerable Acts Delegates from every colony • Not Georgia • Sept 1774 ● After the Boston Tea Party meant to punish the people in the • Sent a Declaration of Rights Colonies. ○ Closed the port of • protested British policies This was not about independence Boston ○ Quartering act Yet

Second Continental Congress

• • • • • Britain refused to compromise Met in Philly May 1775 Revolution had begun already All 13 colonies represented this time • John Hancock was president created the continental army • Lead by George Washington

• •

Our First National Gov.

Because of war a government was needed quickly The Second Continental Congress acted as our National Government during the revolutionary war

From the Declaration of Independence TO The Articles of Confederation 1776 1781

Declaration of Independence

• • • • Committee of 5 to write it Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and Thomas Jefferson Calls for complete separation from Britain • Scary The 13 colonies were now 13 free and independent states

Important Ideas

There are a number of ideas shared among the constitutions written by the 13 new states

Popular Sovereignty Limited Government Civil Rights & Liberties Separation of Powers Government can exist and function only with the consent of the governed. The people hold the power and the people are sovereign The powers delegated to government were granted reluctantly and hedged with many restrictions Government must respect certain rights of the people at all times powers granted to the state governments were divided among 3 branches