Carbon Dioxide transmitters shall be used for demand controlled ventilation strategy discussed in the
control sequence portion of this specification no. ( ).
Product Characteristics: The CO2 transmitter shall be an NDIR (non dispersive infrared), folded and
extended path type optical sensor. The optical sensor shall be made of a polymer with an interior coating
of gold for the best light refraction. No substitutes for gold will be accepted. Optical bench shall be
temperature compensated. The optical path length of the sensor shall be at least 4.7” in order to ensure
long-term stability and resolution. To ensure optimum quality and consistency of the product, it shall be
completely assembled using Certified ISO-9001 manufacturing processes.
Calibration: Sensor shall not require manual calibration over a minimum product rated life of 15 years.
Sensor shall utilize an integrated Automated Baseline Compensation (ABC) algorithm that calibrates the
sensor based on baseline concentrations measured during unoccupied periods in the space.
Quality: To ensure optimum quality and consistency of the product the transmitter shall be fully
assembled (electronics, packaging and optical sensor) using ISO-9001 certified processes in an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility to ensure optimum and consistent product quality. Proof of ISO-9001
certification of the manufacturing facility shall be available upon request from the manufacturer.
Product Accuracy: The product shall have an accuracy of ±1% of measured range + 3% of measured
value (± 50 ppm at 1000 ppm).
Analog Output: The product should be capable of providing dual, simultaneous outputs of both current
and voltage. Two output configurations are available for the entire TR92XX line: A) 0-5 VAC and 4-20 mA
or B) 0-10V and 4-20 mA.
LonWorks® Output: The product shall have a LonWorks output that is LonMark® Certified to
Lonworks® Version 3.4 to ensure compatibility with all LonWorks® equipment. LonMark® Catalog
Mounting Options:
 European Wall Mount (3” X 3.5” Enclosure): The transmitter shall be model number TR-9290 (no
display) or TR9290-L (with display),
 Wall Mount forStandard Jbox (2.75” X 4.75”): The transmitter shall be the TR-9294 (no display) or
TR9294-L (with display).
 In Duct, In Unit mount: The transmitter shall be the TR9291.
 Aspiration Duct Probe: The transmitter shall be the TR9292.
 Splash Resistant Wall Mount: The transmitter shall be the TR9293
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