Electronics and Photonics Experiment 8: Audio Transmission

Electronic and Photonics 2014
Experiment 8 Optical Transmission via a Light Beam
In this investigation we will observe how information (in this case a sound signal) can be
transmitted optically (i.e. via a light beam).
We will investigate transmission both in free space and using an optical fibre.
 Senko All Optical Transmission Kit
 2 x 9V batteries
 Sound Source (voice or MP3 player)
Set up the kit for ‘free space’ transmission using the instructions provided.
Observe the transmission of the signal in free space. Note the effect of blocking the
signal by placing your hand or another object in the path of the beam.
Now connect the optic fibre to the transmitter and receiver and again observe the
transmission of the signal.
Try transmitting the signal if the transmitter and receiver are not in a straight line.
Complete the following table, summarising what you think are the advantages and
disadvantages of each of the transmission methods.
Free space transmission
Optic fibre transmission
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