A simple and efficient system to detect bovine heats

A simple and efficient system
to detect bovine heats
Totally new, the ANEMON system sends an SMS when your cow
is on heat. The detection high reliability is based on the body
temperature variation and the cow’s activity.
Your advantages at a glance
Simple use: you only need your usual cell
f Your new detection
rate with ANEMON
480 days
f Time required for
return in investment
phone and a computer. No need of expensive
equipment in your cowshed: all is integrated on
the animal. You are directly informed by ANEMON on
your cell phone and the temperature and activity curves
can be consulted any time on your computer via the ANEWEB.
The scope of action is only limited by your operator’s mobile network coverage.
Detection reliability: the ANEMON system is the most reliable on the
market with a tested detection rate of more than 90% due to the combination
of the internal body temperature and the animal activity. Therefore it is getting easier and easier to detect the ideal moment for the insemination.
Cost reduction: thanks to the reliability and precision of the ANEMON system you significantly improve the fertilisation rate of your herd and thus save money on unsuccessful inseminations. Your productivity is improved and you spend less time observing the
Mobile network base station
Mobile network
P.O. Box 178 | CH-2610 Saint-Imier / Switzerland
T +41 32 940 70 79 | F +41 32 940 71 55
[email protected] | www.anemon-sa.ch
SMS alerts
As the ANEMON system
uses the mobile telephone
network for data transmission, a SIM card is
inserted into the ANEBOX
transmitter. You can
choose the operator but
the card will be installed,
removed or changed by
Wireless intravaginal
temperature sensor
The ANEBOX transmitter, which has a solid
and waterproof housing, is placed in a case
fixed to the cow’s collar. It contains a radio
frequency transmitter/receiver unit, a
microcontroller for data processing as well
as a GSM/GPRS module to transfer data to
the server or to send SMS alerts.
The ANEBOX transmitter is provided with
an accelerometer measuring the cow’s
physical activity. The transmitter configuration (animal ID, server IP address, call
number) is made by plugging it to your
A warning is also sent by the transmitter in
case of problem (batteries low level, sensor loss, abnormal high temperature, SIM
card low credit).
This sensor allows the regular and wireless
transmission of the animal temperature
measurements and the battery state to the
The introduction of the sensor into the cow’s
vagina can be made with the help of a specific applicator, available on option. Prior to
insemination, the sensor is taken out by
pulling the extraction string.
The sensor is supplied by two AAAA type
removable batteries allowing one year of
self-sufficiency. The change of batteries
must be made by the ANEMON SA aftersales service in order to ensure the sensor
Each sensor has a unique ID that must be
set up on the matching transmitter. This
pairing can be used successively on different cows.
Improve your follow-up with ANEWEB
Increase your success rate!
As a farmer you can complete your
ANEMON system with an access to the
ANEWEB server that gets back all the data
measured by the ANEBOX transmitter. So
every animal can be followed individually
and the establishment of evolution and
comparison graphs is made possible.
ANEWEB isn’t a system of global managing of the herd: it is an extra software compatible with such systems. The data is
transmitted daily to a server via the mobile
network, in packet mode in order to limit
the communication costs.
The probability to fertilize an animal is given
by the probability to detect the heats (usually 80%) multiplied by the probability of
conception (typically 80%) that is to say an
average success rate of 64%. So it is in
your best interest to improve this rate and
to reduce the time spent observing. The
scientific publications show that the best
standard of heat detection is obtained by
coupling the measure of the temperature
with the one of the animal’s activity.
The ANEMON system makes it possible to
f a heat detection rate of 90%
(increase of 11%)
f a conception rate of 95% (increase of 15%)
= an average success rate of 85%
SIM card