Problem seeing the information on the clock First hold the SET

1. Problem seeing the information on the clock
First hold the SET button for about three seconds before LCD starts to blink then the + button to
advance the lcd, then press and hold the set button to move to the next value.
Below a visualization for the setting up steps
LCD contrast setting
Time zone setting
Daylight Saving Time (DST) ON/OFF
Time reception ON/OFF setting
12/24-Hour setting
Manual time setting
Calendar setting (Year, Day, & Month)
Sunrise/ Sunset city location
Snooze setting
°F/°C setting
Weather forecasting icon sensitivity setting
Next the Weather boy forecast icon, is based off the outside transmitter, so whatever the
temperature is where that transmitter is reflected on what the weather boy forecast icon is
wearing. Not the inside temperature. See below graph as outlined in the manual on page
³ 78.8ºF
– 78.6ºF 50 - 66ºF
32 – 49.8ºF
< 32ºF
(19– 25.9°C) (10-18.9°C) (0 – 9.9°C)
2. Problem with the battery not working
Perform restart taking the batteries out of both the display and transmitter. Then putting the
batteries back in the transmitter first then the display secondary without touching any buttons.
Having the units about 3 feet apart. Once the outside temperature prepopulates on the display, I
would place the outside transmitter outside, letting it cool down for a couple hours for it to get a
more accurate reading.