MSc. Thesis Project
PDM-64QAM signal transmitter design for coherent
optical fiber communication systems
Today's telecommunication services intensely rely on optical-fiber systems. Such optical
communication systems are requested to handle high speed, multi-channels, long-haul signal
transmission. To increase the fiber capacity, spectrally-efficient modulation formats and
coherent detection technologies have been extensively studied. Recently, high quadratureamplitude-modulation (QAM) format, like 64QAM, has received lots of attention in the field of
coherent optical transmission due to its offered very-high spectral efficiency. Moreover,
polarization-division-multiplexing (PDM) technology can further double the overall transmission
capacity by transmitting two streams of independent data within two orthogonal polarization
states of the optical fiber. Therefore, it is essential to investigate different methods for an
optimal design of the PDM-64QAM transmitter for the next generation coherent optical fiber
communication systems.
Project will be run in collaboration with Acreo Swedish ICT.
The project will be mainly composed of two parts. In the first part the student will theoretically
work on a VPI/MATLAB simulation model for PDM-quadrature-phase-shift-keying (QPSK) /
16QAM signal generation and transmission, in order to prepare for the next stage. Then in the
second part, the student will design and build a PDM-64QAM transmitter on top of the studied
simulation model. This thesis will be done in a structured research framework where
communication with other researchers is envisioned.
Lots of enthusiasm.
Courses on fiber-optic communications.
Knowledge of MATLAB/VPI simulations will be a nice advantage.
Good communication skills to interact with other researchers and disseminate the
Applicants should contact:
Assoc. prof. Sergei Popov, KTH: [email protected]
Xiaodan Pang, Acreo Swedish ICT AB: [email protected]