Assignment created by Anthony Fontana, Bowling Green State University
Problem: Using found materials, create an assemblage that can be used as a musical
 To explore ways to combine and unify disparate source materials.
 To connect art and music.
 To expand ideas through collaborative thinking.
Materials: Open: be inventive! Cardboard, chipboard, wood, wire, and plaster are all available
for use. Collect objects from your daily habits to incorporate into the project.
1. Spend time listening to the sounds you hear on a normal day. The noise your shoes make on
different surfaces, the sound of a soda popping as you open it or even the music of tearing
up your junk-mail can be inspirational. Brainstorm in your sketchbook. Make at least 10
thumbnails of your ideas. Think about those things that make noise and how you could 1)
make them into an instrument and/or 2) how they can be transformed into art.
2. Make a detailed drawing (18 ”x 24”) of the purposed idea using color markers or pencils.
Title your piece and give detailed descriptions of the purpose of each element. You can also
include a smaller drawing of a reverse angle view of your piece.
3. Collect the objects you will need to make an instrument. Decide what materials you will use to
connect or unify all the sounds together.
4. Begin construction of your instrument. Craftsmanship is VERY important! Remember, you are
unifying all of your sound-making elements into one piece.