How parents can help their band students succeed

How parents can help their band students succeed.
Practical hints for your students so they can practice efficiently:
1. Band students need to practice a little every day, not a lot on one
2. Band students need a quiet, secluded place to practice.
3. Make sure your student has a good chair and a music stand to use
when practicing.
(This prevents the following scenario ☺)
Teacher: “How did you get that huge dent in your instrument?”
Student: “I think I sat on it.”
Teacher: “I’m afraid to ask, but how did that happen?”
Student: “I was practicing while sitting on my bed. I got up to do
something. When I came back, I didn’t realize my instrument was buried
under my clothes, and I sat on it!”
4. Have you helped your band student organize his/her schedule so
he/she has a regular practice time?
5. Parents may listen in on their student’s practice; a little praise goes
a long way.
6. When was the last time your student’s instrument was cleaned?
Clean instruments play better than dirty ones – they are also
7. Instruments need to be serviced periodically (just like a car). Make
sure your student’s instrument is in proper working order to ease
the frustration level.