Technology Engineering and Design Syllabus

Technology, Engineering and Design
Course Syllabus
CTE- Technology Education
Robert B. Glenn High School
1600 Union Cross Road
Kernersville, NC 27284
(336) 771-4500
Instructor, Ms. Angela Miller
BS, Graphic Communication Systems (CADD)
Room: 505
Teacher website:
Course Overview
This course focuses on the nature and core concepts of technology, engineering, and design.
Through engaging activities and hands-on project based activities, students are introduced to the
following concepts: elements and principles of design, basic engineering, problem solving, and
teaming. Students apply research and development skills and produce physical and virtual
models. Activities are structured to integrate physical and social sciences, mathematics, English
language arts, and art. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include
mentorship, school-based enterprise, service learning, and job shadowing. Technology Student
Association (TSA) competitive events, community service, and leadership activities provide the
opportunity to apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills through authentic
Class Procedures
Please become familiar with the Robert B. Glenn High School student handbook: this handbook
provides crucial information regarding tardiness, absenteeism, and behavioral expectations.
Class begins when you enter the classroom. Class is dismissed by the instructor, NOT
All late work will count off 10 points for each day the work is late.
There is a zero tolerance for cheating on any assignment/test & will equal a ZERO
GRADE. Talking during a test or quiz will result in the paper being taken up and
receiving a grade of ZERO as well as disciplinary action against all parties involved.
Class Guidelines
1. B.E.E. prepared for class. Bring Everything Everyday.
2. Be on time (Because of meetings and class preparation please do not report to class
before 8:35 unless you have an appointment.)
3. Stay on task (follow directions the first time they are given.)
4. Respect yourself, others and school property.
5. Have a positive attitude.
6. Always do your best.
Late & Missed Work
It is YOUR (the student’s) responsibility to make up any missed work while you are absent. If
your absence is excused or unexcused, you will have two days after you return to make up any
missing assignments. For lengthy absences, assignments may be requested by calling guidance at
(336) 771-4505. Allow 24 hrs for teacher to prepare assignment. Make it a priority to get your
work in on time. Anything is better than a ZERO!!!
Course Outline
Unit 1: Technological Innovations and Inventions
Unit 2: History of Technology
Unit 3: Systems
Unit 4: Design
Unit 5: The Designed World
Unit 6: Integrated Transportation Systems (NASA)
Grading Policy
Grade Scale
93 – 100
85 – 92
77 – 84
70 – 76
Semester Grade Weights
Classwork/Homework= 25%
= 30%
= 30%
= 15%
Required Supplies
1 ½” or 2”- 3 ring binder (NO SPIRALS)
Ruler (inch/cm)
#2 pencils and Blue or Black pens (No other colors please!)
White vinyl erasers
Flash drive-memory stick to store your work (1GB or better)
There is a $10 lab fee for various projects and supplies.
After reading the syllabus with my child we both understand the expectations of all parties
involved (teacher, student and parent/guardian). By signing this document we are acknowledging
all information in this agreement and will act accordingly.
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