Syllabus Quiz

Fall 2015 Math 137
Syllabus Quiz
Date: ______________
Last Name:___________________
First Name:___________________
Score: ______________
Read the course syllabus and answer the following questions:
1. What is the title of the course? ____________________________________________________
2. What is the name of the course management system for our class? _______________________
3. On what date and time is our final exam? ___________________________________________
4. How many projects will be assigned throughout the semester? __________________________
5. What percentage weight is assigned for the tests? ____________________________________
6. What is the last day to drop without receiving a W? ___________________________________
7. When is the Math Center open for tutoring during the weekdays? ________________________
8. What happens to your lowest test score at the end of the semester? ______________________
9. What is the name of the statistical software for our class? ______________________________
10. What is the name of your instructor? _______________________________________________