Viewing Guide: Teddy Roosevelt Biography

US History
Mr. Trinkner
Teddy Roosevelt
A & E Biography
1. Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to do many things. List three.
2. Why was TR’s father an “extraordinary human being?”
3. As a child, what disease did TR suffer from? How did he try to cure himself?
4. Even though TR was elected to the New York government as a conservative, how did he change once he got
into office?
5. What double tragedy did TR experience on a single day?
6. After the tragedy, where did TR go? What did he do there?
7. What happened to his cattle business in the Dakotas?
8. How did TR change the US Civil Service when he was commissioner?
9. How did TR change the NY police when he was police commissioner?
10. Why did Roosevelt resign from the navy?
11. Who were the Rough Riders?
12. After McKinley won the presidency, how did TR become president? How old was TR?
13. According to TR, what was the purpose of government?
14. Why was he nicknamed the “Trust Buster?”
15. What was the “catchphrase” that Teddy Roosevelt followed in foreign relations?
16. Why did TR want the Panamanian Revolution to succeed?
17. What was Roosevelt’s “Square Deal?”
18. What did TR do when confronted with bird lovers who wanted to protect Pelican Island?
19. What was the purpose of Roosevelt’s “Great White Fleet” of navy ships?
20. When TR returned from Africa and won 75% of the Republican primary, why wasn’t he named as the party’s
21. Why did TR create the “Bull Moose Party” or the progressive party?
22. What did TR do immediately after he was shot in an assassination attempt?
23. What finally killed TR?
24. Why should TR be known as the “president who launched the twentieth century?”