*Franklin D. Roosevelt*s greatest achievement was to make a

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s greatest achievement
was to make a more financially secure United
States by pushing several acts through
Congress by the New Deal which would
eventually lead to the recovery of the
economy of the country.
Franklin D. Roosevelt went into office during
a difficult time period
The Great Depression was the longest and
deepest depression of the 20th century
1929-early 1940s
Stock Market Crash of 1929
Social Security Act
 Created social security system
 Provided for the needs of individuals and
families who were in poverty
 Protected elderly, disabled, and ill
 Program was funded by payroll tax
Works Progress Administration
 Physical labor act
 To increase the number of jobs
 Employed over 8.5 million people
 Railroads, bridges, roads, public buildings,
public parks, airports
Civilian Conservation Corps (Roosevelt's Tree
 Public work relief program
 Was open to unmarried, U.S. citizens between
the ages of 18 to 26
 Physical labor
 Was considered one of the most enduring and
successful of Roosevelt’s acts
To conclude, FDR did an excellent job of
trying to rebuild the economy of the country
by making new acts that provided security
and jobs for civilians.