Teddy Roosevelt - sat

Teddy Roosevelt’s Square Deal Presidency 1901 – 1908
Read pp. – 535-540 and take notes using the chart below
Regulating Big Business
Protecting the Environment
In 1903 Congress passed the Elkins Act, The
Elkins Act ensured that all customers paid
the same rates for shipping their products.
 Roosevelt believed that each generation had
a duty to protect and conserve natural
resources for future generations.
The Hepburn Act of 1906 strengthened the
Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC),
giving it the power to set maximum railroad
 The Newland Reclamation act of 1902
reflected Roosevelt’s belief.It allowed the
federal government to create irrigation
projects to make drylands productive
Roosevelt doesn’t like trust
 Create a national forest
Which law(s) do you feel were important? How would you rate Teddy as a president?
I feel like they were important both but the the environment protecting is more important. if Roosevelt
haven’t started to protected the environment, right now America may have no tree anymore.