Unit 7 New Role in World

Unit 7- A New Role in the World
Why did William Seward purchase Alaska? (p. 680)
2. Describe the policy of isolationism. (p. 681)
3. Discuss imperialism. (p. 681)
4. How did Alfred Mahan believe it was possible for the U.S. to build up trade? (p. 682)
5. How did the U.S. annex Hawaii? (p. 684)
6. Why did the U.S. want an Open Door Policy in China? (p. 684)
7. What is the significance of the quote “Remember the Maine”? (p. 689)
8. Describe Teddy Roosevelt and The Rough Riders’ role in the Spanish American War. (p. 690)
9. What lands did the United States gain from the Spanish American War? (p. 691)
10. Why did Teddy Roosevelt want to build the Panama Canal? (p. 693)
11. How did Roosevelt’s “Big Stick” policy result in the Roosevelt Corollary? (p. 696)
12. How did imperialism lead to World War I? (p. 706)
13. How did nationalism lead to World War I? (p. 706)
14. How did the alliance system lead to World War I? (p. 706)
15. What was the immediate cause or the spark that started World War I? (p. 707)
16. Describe trench warfare. (p. 707)
17. What was the result of the German sinking of the Lusitania? (p. 710)
18. Discuss the Zimmerman Telegram. (p. 710)
19. How did the Russian Revolution aid America’s entry into World War I? (p. 711)
20. Explain the Selective Service Act. (p. 712)
21. How did the Food Administration assure adequate food supplies? (p. 714)
22. What role did John J. Pershing play in World War I? (p. 718)
23. Why did Lenin pull Russian troops out of World War I? (p. 719)
24. Why did Germans seek an armistice? (p. 721)
25. Describe the first five of Wilson’s Fourteen Points. (p. 723)
26. Describe Point 14. (p. 723)
27. Describe the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. (p. 724)
28. Why did people oppose the League of Nations? (p. 725)
29. Describe the Red Scare. (p. 739)
30. Why was the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti controversial? (p. 739-740)
31. Why did Prohibition fail? (p. 741)
32. Why did organized crime grow out of the Eighteenth Amendment? (p. 742)
33. How did the automobile change American life? (p. 743)
34. How did the radio become the leading supplier of entertainment? (p. 743)
35. Discuss the Scopes Trial. (p. 744)
36. Why was Charles Lindbergh a hero?
37. Discuss the Harlem Renaissance. (p. 750)
38. What is installment buying? (p. 752)
39. What is a bull market? (p. 753)
40. Explain how people could buy stocks on margin. (p. 753)
41. Why were farmers not participating in the good times of the 1920s? (p. 754)