Eulogy of Theodore Roosevelt

Eulogy of Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)
We are gathered here today to mourn the loss not only of a great man, but also a great
president, husband, father, and America’s original “trustbuster.” Roosevelt was born on October 27th,
1858 and died in his home on January 6, 1919. Roosevelt’s long line of successes began in 1897 when he
served as an assistant secretary for the Navy. Roosevelt’s poor health evidently did not hold him back
due to his incredible amount of influential successes in order to better America. Near 1886, Roosevelt
became colonel of the Rough Rider Regiment and soon was named a phenomenal war hero. Roosevelt
was also donned a “trustbuster” due to his disengagement of a great railroad combination in the
Northwest. Teddy also expanded America by connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with the
Panama Canal. This incredible man got a Nobel Peace Prize for settling the Russo-Japanese War and
adapted a Gentleman’s Agreement for immigration from Japan. We are terribly upset to lose such a
wonderful man who benefitted this country so much. But Teddy’s legend lives on and our ancestors will
learn of his amazing accomplishments in years to come.