Exploring Photography – This course introduces students to

Photography One Syllabus
Name of Textbook:
The Textbook of Digital Photography (Provided)
The Photographic Eye (Provided)
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Teacher Page: (This will help keep you informed on the latest projects, tests
and homework.)
Photography I
This course allows students to develop a thorough understanding of how to apply artistic
guidelines and manipulate materials and equipment to produce professional quality
photographs. Students must attend 1 photography exhibit/show openings per
Course Outline or Timeline:
See my Teacher Page for updated weekly lesson plans,
latest projects, tests and homework.
Class Rules and Procedures:
No cell phones or any other electronic devices out unless permission is given.
Cell phones need to be out of site and silent
You are responsible for cleaning your area and throwing away trash. Grades are given for
All other Student Handbook Rules apply
Required Materials and Supplies:
o One digital camera (at least 3 mega pixels), Preferably an SLR
o Portable Digital File Storage Device if needed (CD, DVD, Flash Drive)
o Digital photo printing paper (8x10 Glossy)
o 3 ring binder and 8x10 protective sleeves for portfolio
Grading Procedures:
o Projects / Tests - worth 80% of the overall grade
 See grading scale for breakdown
o Cleanup / Participation – 10%
o Semester Test - worth 10% of the overall grade
o Make Up Work:
It is the responsibility of the student to make up any assignment that are past due.
(Check Teacherweb for the latest)
There is a suggested donation of $25.00. This will cover paper, ink and mat board for the
entire year. . It will also save you time and money if you don’t want to purchase these things
on your own.
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