Principles of Photography

Principles of Photography
Mr. Krupp
Course Description:
This course offers students hands-on opportunities to learn the fundamentals of both black and
white and digital photography, while exploring opportunities in the field of photography.
Students become familiar with photographic equipment and conventions while learning how
to compose a good photograph.
• 1”-1½” Three Ring Binder with pockets.
Photography is different than most academic courses because most people do not have a
dark room in their homes. When a student is absent or late it is difficult to make up class
time, learn from teachable moments, demonstrations, and opportunities to ask questions.
Students are encouraged to come in during free periods and study halls to make up
missed time.
Grades are based on class work, and projects. Projects are weighted based on difficulty and
amount of time needed to complete the task.
Students will be given ample time to complete all assignments. Late work will incur a 5%
deduction per day it is late. Students with extenuating circumstances should discuss them
with me in advance of due dates.
HAC Updates – Grades will be updated at a minimum of every three weeks. Any grade
that is marked with an “X” is one that has been handed in but has yet to be graded.
Class Participation
It is imperative that students maximize their in class work time. Students found
not to be working during class, or doing work for another class will lose part or
their entire weekly participation grade.
Course Outline
Introduction to Photography
History of Photography
35mm SLR Camera
Film Processing
Black and White Printing
Image Quality
Film, Filters & Exposure
Using Light
Image Control during Darkroom Exposure
Image Control During Development
Image Preservation