Problem-Solution Essay Outline

Problem-Solution Essay Outline
Assignment: Use the following template to map out your type 3 persuasive essay.
A. Attention Getter– could be a startling statistic/facts, an anecdote, quote, series of
B. Transition – explain the connection between the attention grabber and main idea.
C. Claim – Identify a problem and promise a solution.
A. Topic Sentence – Define the Problem.
1. Describe the Problem.
2. Give Examples.
3. Who is affected?
B. Topic Sentence – Seriousness/Consequences
1. Describe the negative effects of the problem.
2. Why is this problem serious?
3. What are the consequences for allowing this problem to continue?
C. Topic Sentence – Solution
1. Explain the benefits.
2. How will it work?
3. What obstacles or problems could keep this solution from working?
4. Address Counter Claim(s)
A. Summarize Problem and Solution.
B. Relate this issue to the rest of the world or the future.
C. Call to action/final thoughts
Remember the FCAs
o FCA #1: Chose an idea that you feel passionate about and support your claim
with 1 of each type of persuasive appeal (logical, ethical, emotional).
o FCA #2: Refute (or argue against) one counter argument.
o FCA #3: Use 3 of the 4 rhetorical devices (repetition, restatement, parallelism,
rhetorical questions).
Consider your audience
o What tone should you use?
o What will make them feel emotional?
o What will offend them (hint: avoid it)