Payne Junior High Parental Permission Form for “The Wave”

Payne Junior High Parental Permission Form for
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Dear Parent/Guardian:
We are having Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) “Huddle” at
Payne junior high on Friday, September 27th from 4:00-5:15 p.m in
the gym. Student athletes will have the opportunity to impact their
peers for Jesus Christ. In order for your son/daughter to participate,
we need your permission so they can “gather together”. This
program is student lead, and the student leaders are the facilitators. If
you have any questions, please call Danielle Davis or Dianne Penner
(480-224-2494) or you can email us.
Please check the FCA website at
I hereby give my son/daughter ______________________________,
(Student full name)
has my permission to participate in the FCA “Huddle”
Signature of Parent/Guardian
Phone (primary #)________________________
Phone (secondary #)________________________