Persuasive speech - Mr. Millers` History Class

Short Persuasive Speech
Due Monday November 9, 2015
Topic: Should the states ratify The United States Constitution?
Opposing sides: Federalists and Anti-federalists
Task: Write a one-page speech (in MLA format) that is for or against approval
of The Constitution. In your short, but persuasive, speech you need to defend
your point of view. You must use the following literary/persuasive devices in
the speech to earn full credit for this assignment:
Rhetorical question
Create a mantra (can also double as the title): “Give me liberty or give me
death” and “Four legs good, two legs bad” are sample mantras from other
Appeal to reason/logic (“logos”)
Appeal to emotions, including fear (“pathos”)
“Call to arms”
Begin your speech with a clear stand on the issue. Then, follow your stance with
a couple of reasons that support your side. Integrate rhetorical questions,
repetition, and appeals to emotion where they are appropriate. End with a “call
to arms” where you tell the listener to do something (protest, vote against it,
etc.). Choose your words carefully. Make sure that they are strong, but not silly,
and that they convey your point of view strongly.