What is FCA? FCA is a Christian club called Fellowship of

What is FCA?
FCA is a Christian club called Fellowship of
Christian Athletes, but is not at all limited to
athletes. Everyone is welcome to join. Are
you a Christian wanting to fellowship with
others in your school environment? Do you
want to learn more about Christ or your
faith? Do you enjoy helping others? If you
answered yes to any of these questions, then
this club is for you!
What will we do in FCA?
We meet during the school day for club time.
Our FCA theme song:
Matthew West
“Do Something”
We pack shoeboxes and collect items for the
nursing home at Christmas.
We have guest speakers, prayer requests,
and announce your upcoming church events.
We would like to take a couple of field trips
this year. TBA
Year End Event!
We will host a year end event on Saturday, April 16, 2016! We
will have a live band, Royalty, and a guest speaker, Will Snipes.
Royalty is from Elizabethtown and is phenomenal in leading
worship. Will Snipes is a language arts teacher in South Carolina. He is a camp pastor for Lifeway Camps, travels everywhere
speaking, and hosts a Bible study in his school. He has a heart
for Christ and youth! So mark your calendars now. This is an
event you don’t want to miss and invite everyone you know. You
will receive more info in our club meetings.
Our fundraisers will cover our year
end event and we may do other
things as our schedule allows. We
have a few already scheduled.
Cost to join:
That’s right:
5 gallon pails of laundry
detergent ($40/5 gallon)
Get messages
via Remind
Text @bcmfca
to 81010
Papa Johns Nights (Earn 15%
of sales. Enter fundwfg for
online orders)
Orders Due 9/15
Hat Days (Pay $1 to wear a
school appropriate hat.)
Orders Due 9/15
Trash Bags ($12/roll)
Pancake Breakfast at Applebees
($5 per person, all you can eat)
T-shirts $10 each (Until all are
Magnets $5 each (Until all are
FCA t-shirts $12-15 (Various
times throughout year)
Who is the sponsor?
My name is Tina Wilson and this is my second
year as the FCA sponsor. I love it! I work in
the office of BCMS as bookkeeper. I have been
married for almost 20 years and have two
daughters. I love spending time with family
and doing many things with my church. I
teach 7th grade—High School Sunday School
and Wednesday night classes at my church. I
also take our youth to church camp every
summer. I am already looking forward to next
summer’s camp! I am also planning an overseas mission trip to Guatemala next summer!