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Announcements for August 28, 2014 School Day 7 Day 1
Athletic passes are done….stop by the office during your lunch break and pick-up.
If you are using e2020 or Edgenuity, you MUST log off from the site each session and THEN
log off or close your computer. This is causing issues so please log off at the end of each class
period. Thank you!
Students make sure to turn your Booster Calendars into the high school office. We need to make
sure everyone gets credit on the programs for purchasing calendars. Also, if you sold 15 or more
calendars your family will get a free pass to all home games. The first home game is scheduled
for this Friday night.
Any senior interested in parking cars this Friday night for the football game see Ms. Knoll by the
end of the day on Wednesday.
Students that are interested in taking auto tech classes as seniors should stop in or email the
guidance office this week. Let's get you on the list!
Students taking college classes have until the following dates to drop the course with NO
monetary penalty (you won't owe anything)...
Auto tech classes have until August 29th (Friday)
ASL 3 has until August 29th (Friday)
ASL 1 has until September 2nd (Tuesday)
All other classes have until August 27th (Wednesday)
Stop in the guidance office if you have questions, or if you want to drop a course.
Students please check your emails throughout the day. The office will be emailing if they would
need to get a hold of you for any reason…
10th and 11th grade students that are interested in the PSAT National Merit Scholarship Test
should stop in the guidance office or email the guidance office before this Friday to register for
the test. Email Mrs. Prehm or Mrs. Lawless Anderson. You are not allowed to take this
assessment as a senior and it is only available once a year
Students need to be in the commons prior to 8:00 a.m. If you need to get items out of your locker
you may do so however, you must return to the common.
Announcements will not be read over the intercom this year. Instead they will be posted on the
Turkey Valley website - . Students will be responsible for reading the
announcements themselves. Time will be provided at the beginning of 5th hour.
If you need to see the trainer you will sign up at the office the morning of. A calendar will be
posted outside the office on the bulletin board.
Seniors can pick up Senior Release forms from the guidance office. Parents must sign off this
Results from yesterday’s activities:
Activities today:
Birthdays for the week:
Lunch: Beef gravy over whipped potatoes, steamed carrots, dinner roll, and peaches
Breakfast Tomorrow: Cereal and toast
2014-2015 Class Officers
Grade 12
Nicole Meirick -----President
Ashley Kurash ----- Vice President
Justin Hackman --------Secretary
Nathan Herold -------Treasurer
Grade 11
Delaney Lensing -----President
Maci Njus -----Vice President
Carrie Rassman -------Secretary
Kennedy Balk -------Treasurer
Grade 10
Kelby Reicks ----President
Brooke Herold ------Vice President
Shelby Reicks ------Secretary
Morgen Kuennen -------Treasurer
Grade 9
Jessica Schmitt -----President
Elli Winter ------Vice President
Luke Anderson ------Secretary
Cole Carolan -------Treasurer
Grade 8
Codi Wurzer ------President
Carter Reicks -----Vice President
Grade 7
Avery Reicks------President
Addyson Einwalter-----Vice President
Lucas Scheidel------Secretary
Sam Blockhus ------Treasurer