Edgenuity Time This Week

Virtual Learning
Orientation Structure
Edgenuity Overview/On-line Learning
Outline of Courses
Breakdown of Course Components
Progress Reports and Grading
Open Discussion
Signed student contracts are required in order to
enroll in an Edgenuity course.
Student contracts must be signed by the student and parent(s).
Edgenuity Student Contract
New Edgenuity Students:
The Edgenuity Credit Recovery/ Accrual Program allows you to recover a credit for a course that you may not
have passed or to a course that you may need to graduate. Your success in this class depends on your
willingness to complete the required lessons and your adherence to the rules of the program.
Student Success Plan
I agree to bring my laptop and charger to class every day.
I understand that attendance to school and to class is mandatory while in the program. I will adhere to the
Attendance Policy as outlined in the HCPS Code of Conduct.
I understand that all topic tests and cumulative exams must be taken with the teacher present.
I understand that I must attend before or after school tutoring, if I am struggling in the course.
Goals will be established for students each week. I understand that I may be removed from the class if I do not
meet my established goals.
I understand that I must obey all rules in the HCPS Code of Conduct. I also understand that continued violations
of the code could result in disciplinary actions including administrative dismissal from the program.
I will use only the EDGENUITY program while in the Academic Advancement Center (Credit Recovery
Classroom) unless otherwise directed by the Credit Recovery Teacher.
Once I have received my laptop, I agree to work at least 3-5 hours weekly outside of my regular EDGENUITY
class schedule. If I cannot commit, my parent/guardian will contact my teacher to discuss.
The Edgenuity Course Lobby lists the
student’s courses.
List of Courses
Current Lesson
Course Structure
 Each
course is divided into lessons and units.
Each lesson is comprised of:
 Vocabulary
 Direct Instruction (Teacher Lectures)
 Online Content
 Homework/ Practice Activities
 Lesson Quiz
 Each
Unit consists
 3-5
 2-3 Topic Tests
 Once
all units are completed, a cumulative
exam is given.
Vocabulary Section of a
 Each student is required to take notes which will be checked
regularly for clarity, quantity, and quality.
Students make take course notes in a regular notebook or
electronically using E-notes. The teacher will provide a guide.
Direct Instruction
Most math and science courses contain Interactive
Labs. Biology and Chemistry will have Virtual Labs.
Assessment Overview
 There
are 3 types of Assessments:
10 questions (Students are allotted up to 60 minutes
to complete.)
Topic Tests (25 questions)
25 questions (120 minutes to complete)
Cumulative Exams (50 questions)
50 questions (180 minutes to complete)
Assessment Center
First, students will notice a new
assessment start screen, which
warns them that they are
about to begin an assessment
and allows them to check the
clock and determine whether
they should begin the
assessment now or return
when they have sufficient time
to complete it in full.
Example of an Assessment Question
Types of Questions: Multiple Choice, Sentence Completions, and
Assessment results are available immediately following completion.
Captioning and Video
Edgenuity courses now feature captioning
and video transcripts. If you are using an
older version of a course, now is a great time
to upgrade to the most current version to
access this feature.
 Students
can turn
on captions by
hovering over a
video and clicking
the CC icon. On a
tablet, tap the
video to access
these controls.
Video Transcript
The transcript for an
active activity in the
content player can be
found on the third tab of
the lesson support pane.
Entire lesson transcripts
can be found on the
Course Map page.
To translate the activity transcript,
students should click the Transcript tab of
the lesson support pane and then select
a preferred language from the
translation menu in the header.
Students can access the transcript at
any time during instruction or
assignments. During assessment,
however, the transcript is disabled.
Assignment Calendar
• Assignment calendars teach students how to pace themselves in
order to complete the course by target end date.
• Assignment calendars vary per individual student, depending upon
how fast they are working to complete the course.
• Students will always know whether they are behind, on target, or
ahead at all times.
• If the student gets behind, the assignment calendar states what
assignments should be completed in order to back on track.
Student Welcome Screen and Class Announcements
Course Tools
Communication Tools
• Students may Chat
with the Teacher but
not other students.
• Students and
teachers can
communicate via
Collaboration Corner:
• Teachers can post
discussion boards for
class participation.
Parent Portal –
24/7 Parent Access to Student Progress
• Parents may receive student progress reports via email daily,
weekly, or monthly.
• Parents may also request access to Parent Portal for 24/7 access
to Student Progress. Access authorization codes may be
obtained from the Edgenuity teacher.
Attendance Log Example
Here is the attendance log of a very motivated student who got
behind but used the assignment calendar to get back on track.
Logged in 5 of 7 days
Sunday – logged in and completed 1 Test
Monday – logged in 3 hrs and 44 minutes and completed 2 quizzes
(Q). The student not only completed work in the E2020 course
periods on M, T, and Thursday, but also logged in and worked
outside of school hours.
Edgenuity Time This Week
During regular school hours:
Outside of school hours:
Total Weekly Log in Time:
3 hours 45 minutes
7 hours
10 hours 45 minutes
Key Features in Parent Portal
Attendance Log: Displays daily log in times and total hours worked.
This feature also shows idle (inactive) time.
Progress Report: Displays current grade & percent of course
Recent Access: Displays the last date & time the student logged into
Time this Week: Displays the total # of hours in course during one
10 hours 45 minutes
2 Tests, 5 quizzes
Tips for Student Success
Use the Assignment Calendar to stay on track
Set a weekly log in goal and/or a weekly percentage goal
Ask For Feedback
Schedule enough time to complete e2020 assignments
Listen to the lectures carefully
Take Good Notes
Commit to work on your E2020 course in and out of school.
Communicate – Communicate- Communicate: Teachers
are here to Help – Just Ask
THINK POSITIVE: Make a commitment to yourself.
Believe you can start and finish the class – and do it! What
better way to show the world how brilliant you are!
 Http://learn.edgenuity.com/student
 For
more information on the Edgenuity
application and success stories, visit