Creating a Graphic Organizer
DIRECTIONS: You will be using the computer software program Inspiration to create a
Venn Diagram. (30 points)
Read each statement in the list below. Then, type in the statement (1 point each) in the
correct spot on the Venn Diagram. Statements that are about the Paleolithic Age go in the left
circle, statements about the Neolithic Age go in the right circle, and statements about both ages
go in the middle section. You will then need to add 5 pictures (3 points each) from the clip art
in Inspiration to help visualize the ideas presented.
After you have completed the diagram, answer (type) the questions that follow using Word
• lived in small groups of nomads
• hunted and fished
• created wall paintings
• gathered plants and fruits
• underwent the farming revolution
• made stone tools and weapons
• lived in villages
• farmed, raised animals, and traded
• made farming tools
• discovered how to use fire
• practiced specialization of jobs
• started to speak a language
• made tools out of copper and bronze
• created cave paintings
• built shelters
Answer the questions below in paragraph form. Your answer should be in a “Step-Up to
Writing” 5 sentence paragraph. (20 points)
1. What are three important ways people from the Paleolithic Age and people from
the Neolithic Age were alike? (10 pts)
2. What do you think was the most important development made during the
Stone Age? Explain using three examples. (10 pts)
TOTAL POINTS= 50 points