VUV-Sat: A satellite workshop to be held in association with VUV14

A satellite workshop to be held in association with VUV14
First Announcement.
The Fourteenth International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation
Physics (VUV14) is to be held in Cairns, Australia from July 19 - 23, 2004.
An informal, satellite workshop is being arranged at the University of
Melbourne for the period July 12-13. This timing has been chosen to make it
possible for overseas visitors to visit colleagues in Melbourne, Canberra,
Sydney or Brisbane before the start of VUV14, or to provide an opportunity for
them to sample some of the tourist attractions of eastern Australia.
(Melbourne is 4 hours by air south of Cairns). Many international airfares
permit side trips within Australia at little or no additional cost.
The workshop program will highlight a sub-set of the topics included within
To encourage personal interactions, it will consist of oral
presentations only; there will be no parallel sessions.
Offers of contributions in the following areas in particular are invited:
Atomic and Molecular Science
VUV and soft X-ray Spectroscopy
Instrumentation, Detectors
Surface Science
Novel light Sources
University of Melbourne at 151 Barry Street Carlton
A Registration desk with light refreshments provided will operate on the
Sunday evening (July 11th). Registration will also be available from 8.00 on
the 13th.
On both Monday and Tuesday it is expected that plenary sessions will be
organised as follows:
9.00 – 10.40
11.00 – 12.40
14.00 – 15.40
16.00 – 17.40
(a) Rydges Carlton Hotel offers a special workshop rate to participants. At
701 Swanson Street, this hotel is a short walk from the conference
Room Only
Single rate with breakfast A$138
Twin rate with breakfast A$149
[email protected]
(b) St Mary’s College of the University, offers
accommodation, including breakfast at the rate of A$
student type
per night.
(c) Melbourne is a large city of some 3M inhabitants and consequently
has a wide range of accommodation. Those wishing to make
alternative arrangements may find the following web site of value:
A search of either the “Central City” or “Carlton” areas is suggested.
(A$ = US$ 0.76 as at 21 Jan 2004)
Workshop Dinner.
It is planned to hold a Dinner at Rydges Hotel on the Monday evening
(July 13th).
Pre-dinner drinks and canapés, and a 3-course meal with
wine is proposed at a cost of A$75 per person.
Registration fee.
A fee of A$100 per participant will be charged to cover the cost of abstract
booklet production, venue hire costs and the provision of morning and
afternoon coffee etc. No payment is required at this time.
Lunches will be available at cost within the workshop venue.
Expression of Interest.
Please e-mail the following pro-forma to:
[email protected]
to indicate your interest in attending the workshop, if you have not
previously been contacted. It may be necessary to limit attendance to
approximately 100 to protect the informal nature of the event.
VUV-sat. July 13th, 14th 2004
I anticipate attending the workshop VUV-sat in Melbourne and offer
a paper entitled:
e-mail address:
I expect to attend the workshop dinner. Yes
All visitors to Australia require a VISA. Please consult the following
web site for further information:
A useful site describing tourist activities in Melbourne and the State of
Victoria is:
Comments, Queries?
Please e-mail this pro-forma to:
[email protected]