Aug 10-Why we experience storms

Why we experience storms?
Matthew 14:22-33
Lean in
1. What is something you are very afraid of?
Look down
Matthew 14:22-33
2. In this passage we see Jesus immediately made the disciples get into the boat after
the miracle of feeding the five thousand, despite knowing they would encounter a
great storm (vv. 20-22, 24). Why do you suppose Jesus made his disciples get in the
boat and go to the other side (v.22) when he knew they were going to face a storm?
3. What was Jesus doing while the disciples were on the water (v.23)? List the
different elements that caused him to do adopt such a posture (Mt 14:13, John 6:15)?
Why do you suppose he reacted in that manner?
4. Share 3 different reasons as well as biblical examples as to why people go through
5. What is the predominant feeling displayed by the disciples in this story (v.26, 27,
30)? How did this feeling express itself (v.31)?
6. The Romans divided the twelve hours between 6 P.M. and 6 A.M. into four equal
parts called “watches.” What is the symbolism and significance of Jesus coming in the
fourth watch of the night (v.25)?
7. Verses 24-26 show the disciples were fighting for their lives, and Jesus’ response
was so unexpected they did not recognize Him. What does this tell us about God’s
response to us in a time of need? Why does God seem to work in ways which we
don’t always understand? How can we learn to trust in Jesus even when we don’t
understand Him?
8. What do the disciples conclude about Jesus as a result of this experience (v.33)?
Look out
9. Who's story of their experience of a storms has comforted/inspired you?
Look in
10. What was the most recent life storm you encountered? Are you in a storm right
now? If so, what "watch of the night" are you in? How is your perspective impacted
by the fact that Jesus prays for you and desires to draw near to you in the midst of it?
11. Often we want healings or miracles done so we can feel better or get out of a bad
situation. How does the disciples’ reaction in v. 33 change your outlook on God’s
miraculous working in our lives?
12. Somebody once said "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived
forward." Share what you have understood from some of your past storms.