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Theology Disciples

“Main” disciples: Why does Mark portray them so negatively overall?
Mark wrote about how Judas betrayed, how Peter denied, and how all the disciples
abandoned Jesus. I think the reason why Mark portrayed them negatively was that these
disciples failed to live by Jesus’ teachings such as living life with unending faith and living it
in accordance to the parables. The disciples’ actions were in contrary to their mission and
different to what they promised to Jesus
“Minor” disciples: Which of them function as the most positive role models?
John the Baptist because although he was not included in the 12 chosen disciples or the core
disciples he still followed Jesus by serving people through baptizing them and teaching them
to repent our sins. This shows that you don’t have to be one of the core disciples to be able to
serve Jesus, we can serve Jesus in our own little ways and always live our life by his