Mentoring & Accountability

“Adding value to the life of others”
Some people Add something to Life.
We enjoy them.
Subtract something from Life.
We tolerate them.
Multiply something in Life.
We value them.
Some people are Dividers.
We avoid them.
“Adding value to the life of others”
Commit to encouraging at least one person daily.
Little differences separates hurting from
Initiate the positive into a negative situation.
Always remember that life is not a dress rehearsal.
“Adding value to the life of others”
1. Moses and Joshua
Joshua never duplicated the
gift Moses had given him
“And there was no king in Israel
in those days and everyone did
what was right in his own eyes."
2. Jesus and People
Samaritan woman;
man at the pool
“When he saw the crowds he
had compassion on them…they
were harassed and helpless like
sheep without a shepherd"
2. Jesus and the Disciples
He Invested in them
John 13 “Having loved his own who were
in the world he now showed them the full
extent of his love”
“Go and make disciples…teaching them
to obey everything I have
commanded you"
3. Paul and Timothy
“And the things you have heard me say
in the presence of many witnesses
entrust to reliable people who will
also be qualified to teach others”
2 Tim.2:2
Discernment, Trust and Vision.
Phase 1 Parenthood
Phase 2 Pacesetting
Phase 3 Partnering
2 Tim.3:10-11
Preaching embraces Fellowship
We are stronger together
than alone
“If one person falls, the other can reach out
and help. But people who are alone
when they fall are in real trouble.”
We build each other up
in Mutuality
“Adding value to the life of others”
Three parts to Mutuality
Mutual Encouragement
Mutual Honouring
Mutual Accountability
“Let us consider how we may spur one
another on towards love and good
Helping others catch the Vision
Moving from where you areto where you would like to be!
How God develops our Faith
Phase 1. Starts with a Dream (Vision)
Phase 2. Decision
Phase 3. Delay
Phase 4. Difficulty
Phase 5. Dead End
Phase 6. Deliverance
"God is able to do far more than we would dare to
ask or even dream of, infinitely beyond our
highest prayers, desires, thoughts or hopes."
Ephesians 3:20
Assessing Yourself
1. Do you possess the right values?
2. Do you care for others?
3. Do you develop your God-given gifts?
4. Do you obey God’s commands?
5. Do you pass on what you learn?
Reviewing your Preaching
Your Motivation – Desire
Your Consecration – Devotion
Your Communication - Delivery
"Let us never grow tired
of doing what's right,
for if we do not faint,
we'll reap a harvest
at the right time”
Galatians 6:9
“He who has called you is faithful
and He will do it”
A specific attitude
“Forgetting what is behind and
straining towards what is ahead.
I press on towards the
goal to win the prize
for which God called me
heavenwards in Christ Jesus.”