Oral Presentation

Profs. Miller and Marzluff
29 February 2012
Governance and Conservation of Rare Species
ESRM 458
Guidelines for Oral Presentation
Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare your oral presentation for class.
Very generally, the oral presentation should be equally presented by all group members and
consist of a professional synthesis of the project that informs your audience and stimulates
Plan on 12 minutes of oral presentation and 3 minutes of questions.
Prepare your PowerPoint in a PC format. Be sure to check that your graphics appear as you
would like them.
Email your PowerPoint file to Jack Delap (jdelap@uw.edu) or provide him with the file on a
flash drive 20 minutes before your class meets.
The presentation should be formal, as it would be for a report to a funding agency, a
presentation to a (potential or actual) client, or a presentation at a professional symposium or
Regarding the audience, you might imagine you have talked with your client and that she or
he has asked you to make a presentation of your approach, findings, and suggestions to
experts and staff within her or his natural resource management agency, firm, or
nongovernmental organization.
In your talk, make sure to convey you main points (especially conclusions and
recommendations). Minimize discussion of background materials. After all, your time is
very limited.
Your slides do not have to precisely employ the headings in your main paper, but there
should be an obvious correlation.
Limit your PowerPoint slides to text and figures. Minimize animation and please do not
include video files linked to the Internet.
You may want to include a slide which is a Table of Contents for your paper.
You may want to include slides with headings such as Problem, Client, Conclusion, and
You may want to include slides with maps, figures, definitions, major theory or framework,
concepts, etc.
On a first slide be sure to include class name/quarter/professors, and authors’ email
The last slide should include selected key bibliographical sources.