River Terms PowerPoint

River Terms PowerPoint
You are responsible for making a PowerPoint presentation that includes all 20 of the river
terms you have already defined. Your presentation needs to include all of the following:
1. 21 slides
2. Slides 1-20 each need to have a picture of one of the 20 terms that we have
completed definitions for.
3. Each of the 20 slides from above needs to have an arrow pointing to the term that
is being shown (animated arrows or arrow gifs).
4. Each of the 20 slides from above needs to be numbered.
5. Slide 21 needs to be an answer sheet for all of the slides. You will need to go to
“Insert” at the top of the screen and then click on “Table”. Create 2 columns with
10 rows to make the answer sheet. Also, make sure your name or names are at the
bottom of this slide.