Inclass Vocabulary Test 1 or 2

Vocabulary Test 1
one-lane mountain rule
basic speed law
on your 5th birthday
interim license
Class C license
follow rules or orders
breaking rules or laws
car coming down must back up
something that is legal
never drive faster than is safe for conditions
a traffic circle, multiple lane intersection
time or date that your license expires
allows you to drive, but only for 60 days
allows you to drive a regular car plus tow a boat
Class M1, M2 license
allows you to drive a motorcycles or mopeds
behind-the-wheel test
demonstration to the DMV that you can drive
limit line
white line you must stop behind
rules for who goes first
place where streets cross
blind intersection
crossroad you cannot 100 feet in any direction
drivers education program
teaches basic laws and knowledge about cars
red curb
safety zone
fixed stare
yellow curb
bike lane
a person walking across the street
no stopping, standing or parking
handicapped sign hung from rear-view mirror
following too close to th car in front of you
turning too soon on a left turn into another's lane
used by slow vehicles to let others pass
area for people getting on/off trolleys to be safe
driving without looking around you
stopping only to load or unload passengers or freight
2 or more people driving together
area near curb for bicycle riding
turning around back the way you came
looking to all sides for hazards
blue curb
handicapped parking zone
green curb
exiting/ending lane
parking lights
double solid yellow line
single, broken yellow line
solid yellow with broken yellow lines
3-second rule
double double yellow lines
2 sets of double yellow lines
inside broken lines
diamond lane
child safety seat
white cane
seat belt
maximum speed law
provisional permit
provisional license
provisional license restrictions
limited time parking
marked by long dashed lines
illegal to drive with only these on
markings that mean absolutely no passing
used to divide a two-way street, passing okay
means passing is okay if broken line is on your side
creates a safe distance between cars, avoids taligating
means the same as a solid wall, don't cross
center lane for beginning and ending left turns
lane used for carpooling and buses
safety item for a child up to 60 pounds
to be used only by blind person
safety item worn while car is in motion
drive no faster than what is posted
a car coming towards you
letting others go first
area for pedestrians to cross the street
you cannot drive alone with this
drivers license for under 18 drivers
during the 1st year, you cannot
drive from 11 pm to 5 am
Vocabulary Test 2
double parking
parking in the roadway next to a parked car
cellular phone
it can help at times, but don't use while driving
parallel parking rule
both right tires 18 inches or less from the curb
green arrow
red circle with a line through it
raised hand light
flashing yellow light
flashing red light
no zone
hit and run
emergency siren
road rage
pump the brakes
300 feet
orange triangles on vehicle
diamond sign on trucks
blind spots
orange signs
lift the hood
emergency flashers
financial responsibility law
habitual truant
white/black regulatory signs
protected left turn
Always mean no! Don't do it!
symbol that means don't walk
warning, slow for a possible hazard, yield
stop, and go when safe
length of a blind spot of a large truck
leaving the scene of an accident
warns you to pull to the side of the road and stop
one driver reacting angrily to another driver
method of stopping to avoid skidding
when tires are riding on water
legal distance to follow emergency vehicle
indicates slow moving vehicle
indicates that the vehicle carrying hazardous materials
areas where you cannot see other cars
moving into another's lane of traffic
warns you of highway workers
slowing down to look at accidents
indicates that your car is in trouble, asking for help
turn them on in case of car trouble
legal to share lanes with cars, but very dangerous
road defects (breaks), dangers to drivers
traffic so jammed that cars don't move
driver/owner of vehicle pays for mistakes/accidents
one who skips (cuts) school often
most common problem (error) of teenage drivers
states laws to be obeyed
a pedestrian walking illegally
loss of judgment
1st result of drinking alcohol
gift of life
designated driver
organ donor program
drinker of non-alcoholic beverages, to keep others safe
device used for screening for drunk drivers
the act of defacing property
term used for alcohol level in blood
0.01% BAC
legally defined drunk for someone under 21
0.08% BAC
legally defined drunk for someone over 21
failure to appear
at fault
zero tolerance
ignition interlock device
traffic accidents
sober up
warning signs
$750 damages
open container law
not showing up in court
you're responsible for an accident
under 21 year olds cannot drink alcohol
You must blow into this before starting your car.
leading cause of death for teenagers
allowing BAC level to drop
inform you of road conditions (changes)
this triggers the need to file a DMV accident report
driving under the influence
alcoholic beverages must be in the trunk
when the car goes to jail, gets taken away