STAT 2023 Principles of Statistics

STAT 2303 Principles of Statistics
Instructor: Ming-Hua Chung
Office: SCEN 422
Class Schedule: MWF 3:30-4:20PM (Sec. 05)
TuTh 3:30-4:50PM (Sec. 06)
Office Hours: MWF 10:30-11:30AM
TuTr 2:00-3:30PM
Course Website:
Classroom: SCEN 210 (Sec. 05)
Ozark Hall 205B (Sec. 06)
Textbook: The Basic Practice of Statistics, 5th Ed. By David S. Moore
Goals for the Course: To learn about basic statistical principles and to understand the
nature of statistics and their various applications. We accomplish these goals by reading
the textbook, attending lecture, working through quizzes and homework, and taking
Grading Policy: Four closed-book, closed-notes exams will be given during the
semester. This includes a comprehensive final exam. The tests will consist of multiple
choice questions. No partial credit is given on exams. Here is the grading system for the
First Exam
Second Exam
Third Exam
Final Exam
In-class activity and Quizzes 20%
If you miss a test for any excusable absence, send me a letter justifying your
nonappearance. Then, you will be allowed to make-up the exam on dead day by taking a
comprehensive exam. However, only one test can be replaced during the semester. On
the other hand, quizzes will not be made up. A certain number of them will be given
randomly throughout the course towards the end of class time. To balance this, I will
drop the one or two lowest quiz grades. Some quizzes or activities will be in groups and
open-book; others will be with no outside help.
Grades are as follows:
90 and above
80 to 89
70 to 79
60 to 69
59 and below
Attendance Policy: Students are encouraged to attend class every session to take
quizzes, learn the subject matter, receive homework assignments, and help prepare
themselves for the exams. Attendance: Regular attendance is essential to the successful
completion of this course. Though it isn’t factored directly into the grade, attendance will
be kept. If a grade is “borderline,” rounding will be made based on the attendance of the
course. If a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to keep up with the course
work and homework.
Inclement Weather Policy: I will try to hold session whenever the University is open.
If you live on-campus, be there. If you live away from the campus, decide what is best
for your health. If the Fayetteville Public Schools are closed, you will not be penalized;
however, you are responsible for the missed material. If the University is closed, do not
come to class.
Accommodations: Under University policy and federal and state law, students with
documented disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations to ensure the student
has an equal opportunity to perform in class. If any member of the class has such a
disability and needs special academic accommodations, please report to Center for
Educational Access (CEA). Reasonable accommodations may be arranged after CEA has
verified your disability. Do not hesitate to contact me if any assistance is needed in this
Academic Honesty (see UA Policies)
 Don’t talk when I am talking.
 If you can’t take quiz/exam on time, contact me prior to the quiz/exam date. Or,
you won’t be able to take the make up.