7th Grade English Syllabus

7th Grade English Syllabus
Tracy Kalas, Team 7A
Kim Barlow, Team 7B
Anne Schmitt, Team 7A and 7B
Course Overview:
The purpose of this course is to motivate and encourage students to be competent,
confident, and enthusiastic readers, writers, listeners and speakers, and to provide them
with the skills to do so. Language skills are essential tools because they serve as the
necessary basis for further learning and career development, and enable the human spirit
to be enriched. Mastery of language skills will ensure that the students enter the worlds of
higher education and the workplace armed with the tools they need to be literate,
confident communicators.
Short stories, realistic fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, historical fiction,
biographies, classics, folk tales, poetry, drama and independent choices
Narrative, argumentative, informative/explanatory texts, poetry, literature
responses and reflections
Parts of speech, sentence formation, grammar skills will be incorporated into our
everyday writing skills
Greek and Latin roots and strategies applied to vocabulary within context
Daily activities:
Writing, reading, listening, presenting, and discussing
Presentations, writing, and research to enhance and facilitate everyday work
Novels we will read this year:
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Giver, Gathering Blue, Messenger
Textbooks we will use this year:
Language Network by McDougal
Reality Central by Pearson
Literature by Pearson
Classroom Expectations:
Students will keep an English section in their 3 ring binders.
Students are expected to record assignments in their assignment notebooks.
Students are expected to be reading an independent book EVERY night for at
least 20-30 minutes.
● Students are expected to pay attention and to be on task. They are strongly
encouraged to be ACTIVE participants in the class by asking questions, sharing
ideas and working cooperatively with peers.
● It is the responsibility of the students to inquire about the work missed upon
return to school after being absent. Make-up work will be given.
● Students are expected to treat everyone in the classroom with respect. They may
not interfere with their fellow classmates’ right to learn.
● Each day will begin with a daily warm-up which will be written in their
journals. All students should be seated and working on their daily warm-up
with all the necessary materials when the bell rings or else they will be
marked tardy. 3 tardies will result in a major detention. Additional tardies will
result in more severe consequences.
Grades will be based on a combination of writing, reading, listening, speaking, grammar,
and vocabulary activities. Many assignments will be graded according to a rubric that we
will go over in class when the assignment is given.
90-100% A (exceeds standards)
80-89% B (meets standards)
70-79% C (basic understanding of standards)
60-69% D (limited understanding of standards)
<60% F (failure to meet standards)
*There are opportunities to retake tests or redo projects, but it is your
responsibility to come talk to me and set up a retake. This must be done within two days
of receiving your graded test/project. Retake form must be correctly filled out and
*Late homework will not be accepted after a test has been taken or a project
completed. .
*If a student is missing homework, he or she will go to L.U.N.C.H. in order to
complete the assignment.