Physics 313 syllabus


Physics 313/314


Mr. Ahsmann (


Physics is the study of the interrelationship between matter and energy. It seeks to explain the behavior of the entire universe! The ultimate goal is to come up with one theory that explains all phenomena.

The purpose of this class is to develop your critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities that will help you to appreciate the beauty of the world around you!



Your textbook: Physics: Principles and Problems by Glencoe


Folder to contain all paper work


Pen or Pencil



Grading Policy Language:

 we will all use a total points scale.

o the scale delineates into an 80/20 breakdown

 the 80 corresponds to tests, quizzes and labs (summative)

 the 20 corresponds to assignments (text problems or worksheets) that accompany

 the labs (formative) grading practices are consistent across the regular/honors/AP level

Redo/Retake discussion:

 it’s a privilege not a right we do not allow redos/retakes on labs (aside from excused absences) quizzes are given one week after test date to retake: o retakes on quizzes are awarded to students who have completed 100% of homework in that unit only o one retake will be awarded per quiz

 retake score and initial score will be averaged with a ratio of (2:1) to get final score (ex. 1st quiz = 30/50 retake 45/ 50… will average to a

(30+45+45)/3 = 40/50).

in the event that the retake is worse than the initial assessment, then that retake score will be dropped and initial assessment will be kept.

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